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Underwear Marketers Change Tactics

Not every man has a perfect waistline and a six-pack, and they certainly don’t want reminders of this when forced to go underwear shopping.

Early underwear marketing campaigns focused on promoting the perfect body so heavily that years later the ‘imperfect’ man still feels uncomfortable in the underwear department – let alone reaching for a packet of jocks with a hairless, buff and semi-naked man on the front.

 But finally, marketers seem to be catching up on the idea that men have body issues too. Many company’s have since created advertisements featuring average and goofy-looking men with realistically shaped bodies, and have changed their policies in general. For example, stuffing underwear to bulk things out is frowned on by many of the big brands.

Another big change that has occurred is with the way packaging is now designed, reported Grewal Levy Marketing News. Most models now wear tee-shirts instead of the overexposed look that intimidates the average bloke.