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Underwear Lifestyles

May 11, 2015 1 min read

Underwear can change your life. No seriously, it can. The underwear a man chooses can play an important role in the health of his ‘private parts’, and depending on what type of lifestyle the man lives should influence the type of undies worn.

Men who like physical sporting activities really need proper support – having everything tucked in safely is essential. Briefs are perfect for this task, and even have room to add a plastic supporting cup if needed.

 To avoid chafing, steer clear of cotton blends since they aren’t as good at keeping moisture from the skin, reported Spafnj.

Boxers are great for office workers and men who – one day – want kids. They allow better ventilation, greater blood circulation and keep all the important parts cool.

If traditional loose boxers really don’t float with the male in question, boxer briefs may be the answer. This tighter alternative has better support around the nether region while still being comfortable to wear.