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Men's Underwear


The Problem with Men and Cheap Underwear

Lets face it, when it comes to fashion sense, most men need as much help as they can get. This is especially true in the underwear department.

These creatures of habit tend to stick with the one style mum first bought them, regardless of how uncomfortable they are, reported Underwear News Briefs.

 Cheap boxer briefs seem to be the main offenders. Stick your head into the men’s sporting change room of any high school or university and you will see uncomfortable undies a plenty – the chafing, tortuous type with ridiculously cheesy patterns that cause more pain than comfort.

Guys, your backside deserves better.

Experimenting with underwear styles can change your life. Comfortable and sexy briefs that support all the important areas do exist.

Made from material designed to draw moisture away, a pair of form-fitting briefs not only do away with the common wedgie but also give the girlfriend something good to look at.

So men, the next time you forget to do the laundry and run out of clean undies, buy some new ones – but be daring and go for a different style instead.