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And Then There was Underwear…

Up until the last century, women just didn’t have a need for underwear.

When you think about the numbers of layers of material that women used to be forced to wear, underpants would have just created further problems – full length dresses, petticoats, corsets and under skirts would have made toilet time difficult enough!

 In fact, it wasn’t until the stainless steel petticoat was invented in the 1850′s that people even considered the idea of underpants for women. Not exactly designed to be comfortable, the first garments were simply for there for modesty’s sake.

But as popularity grew and textile manufacturing techniques changed, the design of women’s underpants changed to suit the fashion. Corsets were worn lower, and were eventually replaced with girdles around the time that bra’s became a wardrobe staple.

By the 1940′s, women’s knickers became the style and materials that are still common today, according to Ask Sarah.

So whatever style you prefer, be thankful for your comfortable underpants, and take a moment to reflect on how lucky you are that they are not made of stainless steel.