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Bieber Bares His Underwear

Justin Bieber came close to baring all at his ‘Believe’ concert in Singapore in September. The 19-year-old singer nearly lost his pants while performing – much to the delight of all the teenage girls.

Fans got a good eyeful of briefs, bum crack and backside after Bieber’s leather, harem-type pants slipped down in the middle of a song. The singer had to finish the song dancing around the stage with a good hold on his trousers.

 Now famous for his low-pant fashion, Bieber is also known for going shirtless on a regular basis. Fellow pop star, Miley Cyrus, admitted she has become one of his biggest fashion critics and thinks he needs to leave his shirt on.

Cyrus told interviewers recently that she’s warned Bieber that his dress-sense – or lack of – is becoming a joke.

Hollywood Life’s advice for Justin was to get pants that fit, get underwear that fits and get a pair of suspenders – just to be on the safe side.