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Men's Underwear


What Your Underwear Tells Us

Believe it or not, what you wear under your clothes says a lot about your personality. This guide from Homorazzi.com will tell you the secrets of your underwear selection.

The brand choice

Single, overly confident men tend to steer towards the more expensive designer brands, while the practical sporty man heads towards brands that are more convenient.

 The money conscious student and the carefree male prefer cheaper alternatives and are definitely into cartoon character underwear.

The colour

  • Men in red jocks are daring energetic and driven, short-tempered and passionate, and are also adventurous people to be around.
  • Monochrome underwear says a person is reliable yet sophisticated. Bordering on boring, men who wear black or white undies are generally the designated driver.
  • The bold joker wears plaid undies and is usually a fun person.
  • Men who like blue jocks are generally laid back, compassionate and fairly reliable people.

The design

  • Mankini – someone in a mankini is either drunk, extremely confident or has a great sense of humour. Anyone in this style should be considered unpredictable and kinky at best.
  • Boxers – these men are casual and easy-going with a sense of humour, but can sometimes lack self-confidence.
  • Briefs – serious, loyal, dependable and sensitive, brief wearers can also be childish and high-strung.
  • Y-fronts – these are men who don’t like change, are generally geeks at heart and consider themselves ‘old school.’
  • Trunks – stern, comfortable and full of self-confidence are the only words for these men.