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Men’s T-Shirt Fashion for Summer 2013/2014

This summer’s trend in men’s fashion is printed tee-shirts of every variety. Add a splash of something different to the wardrobe with these popular styles from Fashion Beans.

  • Nautical themed prints have been a staple in men’s fashion for years, but this season maritime type prints are also popular. A great example of this is classic blue and white striped t-shirts.
  • Be a man who isn’t afraid to stand out and wear floral. Classy, unique and a break away from the standard slogan-type shirts, a floral tee is guaranteed to turn heads.
  • References to places, companies and cities on fashion are still strong sellers. Apart from the usual printed names, graphic photography is also becoming popular.
  • Bold printed animals are seeing a massive revival thanks to designers like Givenchy. Leopards, lions, zebras, dogs, crayfish – basically anything goes. Toughen up the look with a leather jacket.
  • Another old favourite making a comeback are tie-dyed shirts and vests. Best if worn with subtler colours like black or denim, the tie-dyed shirt screams a laid back man.
  • Stripes are strong this season. Thick, thin, bold and versatile, there is a stripe to suit every occasion. Just remember to never mix stripes with other patterns.