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Women Wearing Less in Tennis

Fashion on the tennis court has seen some changes over the past century, especially when it comes to women’s clothing. Not even a hundred years ago it was a scandal if a woman dared flash a wrist; these days, it’s nothing for a female tennis player to flash her underwear – several times – throughout a game.

Every year, women’s tennis outfits increasingly resemble lingerie. Skimpier skirts, scanty singlets and skin-tight one-piece tennis dresses are now common fashion on the court.

 But the biggest change is with their underwear, according to The Lingerie Addict.

After Tatiana Golovin flashed bright red undies under her tennis skirt in 2007, the tradition of white knickers was broken forever. Since then, there have been glimpses on some very colourful and extremely unexpected undies on the tennis court.

The Williams sister’s are largely responsible for a lot of the permissible fashion that is now worn by women at tennis competitions, as they have with every outfit pushed the boundary of acceptability. After all, who could forget Venus’ little black lace dress with nude coloured underwear?