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Getting Fit Helps a Person Feel Sexier

May 11, 2015 1 min read

Christine Bullock, a trainer with FitnessRX, loves life, driven men and dark boxer briefs – preferably in black or grey.

According to the fitness guru, nothing is sexier than well-fitting boxer-briefs except for when a man’s muscles are glimmering with sweat after a full-on workout session in the gym.

 The model and fitness teacher said that she personally gains strength and empowerment through working out, especially when she knows she’s given it her all. Bullock’s goal is to teach this to as many people as possible.

“I want to help people get fit and have fun in the process,” she was reported as saying by FitnessRX For Men.

Finding the right type of sport or exercise is the key. Confidence is built as fitness increases, which in turn makes the person happier because they feel sexier – a very attractive quality in itself which then makes them feel better about what they are wearing.

Bullock is of the opinion that a woman is at her sexiest when she is relaxing – minus makeup. She personally enjoys wearing pyjamas in her down-time, and recently bought an oversized men’s pyjama shirt and short set.