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Tips for Packing Your Undies when Travelling

If you are packing for a trip, there’s no need to get your knickers in a knot. A recent article fromLife Hacker outlined these handy tips to help you with packing your underwear when traveling.

The best way to pack your undergarments when traveling is to put them into a few resealable plastic bags. This way you’ll not only save space, but you will also find it easier to keep track of how many pairs of clean underwear you have.

 By packing them into a clear plastic bag that leaves the items visible, there is no need for customs or security officers to physically touch your underwear. This is also helpful if they ask you to unpack your bag in front of other people, as your undies will not come in contact with other surfaces.

When it comes to storing used underwear during your trip, keep a few extra resealable plastic bags with you to put them in. This method of packing is also handy for storing smelly, used socks.