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The Perfect Underwear for Yoga

May 11, 2015 1 min read

You’re at your weekly yoga class, everyone’s sitting in child’s pose and are deep in thought about this week’s intentions for their practice. You, on the other hand, are wondering if the woman in front of you is wearing knickers under all that lycra.

Just in case you were worried, you aren’t the only one to be asking that question. In a recent article from Neon Fresh, the ideal underpants wear during yoga were discussed in glorious detail.

 The underwear that you wear to your yoga class will ultimately be decided by the type of yoga that you are doing. For example, hot yoga (Bikram) is very different from hot vinyasa.

A cotton top isn’t always the best choice for hot yoga, but cotton underwear is definitely recommended – even if it’s a cotton thong instead of cotton bikini briefs. It is also recommended that if you are doing Bikram yoga that you swear shorts and not pants due to the intense heat.

Either way, it’s primarily about what you feel most comfortable in. It might be a good idea to trial some cotton bikini-brief underwear to see what works best for you.