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Men's Underwear


What’s In Your Man’s Drawers?

Variety is the spice of life, but often men get caught in a rut of only wearing a certain type of shirt or underwear. In an article from the Tomima blog, the basics every man should have in his underwear drawer were outlined:

1. Boxers – These are comfortable and easy to wear. Men not only wear these as underwear, but they are also perfectly acceptable as sleepwear or lounge wear for around the house.

 2.Boxer briefs – These have been designed with the brief and boxer in mind. While they are longer in the leg, they fit more like a brief by offering a suitable level of support without creeping up the legs.

3. Trunks – Trunks would have to be the latest and one of the most popular style in mens underwear. Trunks are just like a boxer brief with a shorter inseam.

4. Bikini briefs – Some men may not want to wear the ‘bikini’ brief style, but it has its advantages – especially with today’s hip-hugging fashions.