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Men’s Swimwear Styles

May 11, 2015 1 min read

These days, men have a few more swimwear options then they used to. In an article on theReydel Volkswagen Blog, different swimwear styles for men were explored.

While swimsuits were initially made from cotton, they are now primarily made from the more water-resistant synthetic material polyester. Men can also purchase a variety of swimsuit styles as well, from trunks to board shorts in different lengths to ‘budgie smugglers’.

 For men who go swimming regularly, briefs and short board short-style swimmers are ideal. At the moment shorter board shorts are popular, but the longer ones can still be found most places.

What you choose is very much up to your personal preference and what you feel most comfortable with.

For those who enjoy swimming, proper trunks are far more comfortable and practical than board shorts as they do not become tangled up around your legs.

No matter what style of swimwear you decide on, it’s important that whenever you exit the pool you rinse your swimmers straight away with tap water. This will stop the chlorine from the pool discolouring your trunks.