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When Laundry Mix Ups Hit Home

Everyone has a little voice in their head that provides a running commentary on the events around them, and sometimes that voice is not very helpful. For example, at the gym your voice may sometimes say “Did you see her butt? It doesn’t move when she runs!”

Lynn Shattuck, a mother of two young children, recently shared an occasion in which the little voice in her head commented on how other mothers shake and fold their laundry when getting it out of the dryer, according toElephant Journal.

 The reason for this odd commentary from her little voice was from Shattuck being told by her 4 year old son that she had left her underwear at his school. As young children often say many weird things that don’t make sense to adults, she chalked it up to a random comment and left it at that.

However, when he repeated it again the next day, she took a moment to think and realised with horror that she had failed to take the three seconds necessary to check, shake and fold her son’s blanket after taking it out from the dryer before school.

Confirmation came the following day when Shattuck went to the classroom and spoke to the teacher about the laundry mistake, but to her surprise the teacher admitted that she was not the first one to have her underwear somehow end up at school.

The morals of this story are: to always shake and fold your laundry, and to make sure that you always have nice underwear!