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Gym Etiquette Rules You Might Be Breaking

May 11, 2015 1 min read

We all know those people at the gym, the ones that walk around naked in the locker room without a care. But apart from inappropriate and unnecessary nakedness, what are some of the other gym etiquette rules you might be breaking without even knowing?

Connie Cook from Fit Athletic recently outlined some of the unspoken laws of the gym:

  • Clean up after yourself – Always wipe equipment down and put weights back on the rack. It’s not a nice feeling to be sliding across a bench because someone left their sweat on the seat.
  • Use deodorant – This is particularly important for the guys. Make sure that you reapply your deodorant during your workout. While you don’t want to overpower everyone with the scent of your cologne, you also don’t want to overpower them with the smell of onion or BO.
  • Don’t treat the gym like a meat market – Staring at people working out is not cool, and while a quick glance at a hot bod is perfectly fine don’t let yourself be branded a creeper by staring.
  • Dont go commando – Gyms usually feature a lot of mirrors, and the last thing you want to see in the reflection in front of you is the junk of the guy doing crunches on the floor next to you. Always wear appropriate underwear before beginning your exercising.