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Men’s Swimwear – More Complicated than You Think

May 11, 2015 1 min read

All over the world, the term ‘mens swimwear’ conjures up different images. In an article on the Mondrian Bonaire site, the different men’s swimsuits that are popular across the globe were recently discussed.

  • European swimmers – Across Europe, more men tend to wear speedos. While these rarely look good, plenty of men strut their stuff in budgie smugglers on beaches across the world.
  • California swimwear – Men in some states of the US, such as Hawaii, Florida and California, surf nearly every day throughout the year because of the good weather conditions. Men in this part of the world tend to like board shorts in colourful, bold prints. What’s great about board shorts is they can also be worn as casual clothing, not just for swimming.

Generally here in Australia men prefer board shorts, with some preferring them to be long and calf grazing while others like theirs to sit just above the knee. However, no matter what you wear, make sure that you wear it with confidence.