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Are Boxer Shorts Suitable Gym Attire?

Jonathan Chait, a reporter for New York Mag’s D.C., asked his followers a question last week on his Twitter feed while he was on a trip. He tweeted that he had left his gym shorts back at home, and he wanted to know if wearing his boxer shorts to the hotel fitness center was socially acceptable.

So what was the verdict and how did people respond to his conundrum?

According to Fishbowl DC, one individual suggested that he double up on his boxer shorts and head to the gym, to which Chait asked for a ruling from his followers as to whether this was ok. A woman named ‘Lily’ gave her opinion that if the extra padding made his backside look good, then he should go for it.

Michael Tomasky of Newsweek-Daily Beast had a warning for Jonathan Chait, as he said “I’m gonna to press you on this on teevee later.”

Either way, I guess it’s just a matter of personal preference and what you feel confident rocking on the treadmill.