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High School Ban on Colourful Bras

May 11, 2015 1 min read

For those who have experienced the ins and outs of going to an all girls private school, you would know that the dress codes can be pretty strict. But according to an article from The Gloss, the Zhongshan Technical Secondary School in Guangdong has taken strict dress codes to a whole new level.

The school has decided to take a stand against the girls attending their school wearing anything but flesh-coloured bras and underwear. Instead of making the uniform more opaque and so negating the need for an underwear dress code, the school has come to the conclusion that this action is more appropriate.

 While it’s not the best look to wear a hot pink bra under a white shirt, mandating the dress code at an all girls school right down to the undergarments the students are allowed to wear is unlikely to do more than irritate the female school population.

And to add insult to injury, not only will the wearer of a non-nude coloured bra be given an academic penalty on their record, but if they have a patterned bra as opposed to a solid-coloured bra the penalty will be raised.