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Choosing the Right Pair of Undies

May 11, 2015 1 min read

These days there are many different styles of underwear from which you can choose from, and they are available in a vast variety of materials from cotton to silk, polyester and even bamboo.

If you are tired of buying underwear in bulk that never end up fitting right, then take note of these tips from an Apikali article.

  • Set your budge t- First, you should think about how much you want to spend, but you should also remember the rule of quality over quantity. It’s better to buy five pairs of well fitting underwear than 15 pairs of undies that you need to throw out after the first wash.
  • Consider the fabrics – Think about what fabrics you like to wear. Some of us like the feeling of breathable cotton, while others enjoy the softness of silk or polyester.
  • Think about what you usually wear – When getting your outfit together you need to consider your undergarments, as you don’t want seams showing. Keep in mind some of the outfits you wear the most before making your purchase, and perhaps buy a few different styles to wear under different outfits.