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Hunger Games Star Modelled Underwear

Proving that men’s underwear doesn’t have to be boring, hunky actor Alan Ritchson was previously a well-known face in the underwear modelling industry. Ritchson is currently most famous as the tribute ‘Gloss’ in the new sequel The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Before Ritchson became known in the movie business, the 28-year old handsome actor modelled for clothing brands, where he agreed to pose semi-naked for various clients.

The actor recently spoke to The Backlot about his earlier modelling career and the challenges of managing the publics’ perception of him now that his career has transitioned into juicy parts in blockbuster movies.

While his part in Catching Fire is a game changer for Ritchson and has already attracted much attention, the young actor has admitted that he would prefer for the pictures of him in his underwear to disappear from the online world.

He claimed that though he is proud of modelling male lingerie lines – and with his stunning physique it’s no wonder! – it doesn’t fit with who he is today, according to Mamba Online.