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Liam Payne Sends His Underwear in One Direction

Last September, a One Direction fan attempted to steal underwear belonging to band member Liam Payne from his hotel balcony.

Payne has been subjected to a lot of questions about this topic, and recently he cleared up the situation by saying that he is definitely fine with the incident having happened. In fact, he is so fine with it all that he has now admitted that he posted the underwear back to his slightly over-zealous fan.

Payne admitted on the The Jonathan Ross Show that the female fan had tried to steal his underwear while he was dozing. The popular musician, once realising that something was going on, jumped out of bed and threw on a pair of jogging pants to cover up while inspecting the scene.

He noticed that a pair of his underpants were missing, and later a security guard recognised a girl wearing them at the beach, reported MStars News.

Payne then admitted to mailing the pants to the girl; an action which shows that he is not particularly disturbed or upset about his underwear being stolen. It seems that, overall, he was much more surprised than alarmed by the situation.