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Eco-Friendly Underwear

May 11, 2015 2 min read

Bamboo, a member of the flowering perennial  evergreen plant species, is a very versatile material. We’ve all heard of bamboo furniture,  bamboo flooring, bamboo as food for pandas and even bamboo as food for humans; but did you know that it can also be used for clothing? More specifically, it can be used in underwear.

We know what you’re thinking – ‘bamboo underwear , wouldn’t that hurt?’  But thanks to our special blend of bamboo and modal fibres, we have created a material that is not only super comfy but is also very stylish.    This makes it perfect for Mosmann, as our passion is to provide underwear to our clients that is different, relaxed and unique.

Some of the benefits of choosing to wear our eco-friendly range of underwear include:

  • Material – The reason bamboo is a great material for underwear is that the fibres contain microscopic holes in them that make the fabric very breathable. As well as this, the  material is designed to keep you both warm when you are cold and cool when you are hot, thanks to the fibrous material.
  • Style – All of our underwear ranges have been designed to not only feel good but to look good too, and our eco-friendly range of underwear is no exception. With choices including briefs and boxer briefs in cool greens, bold reds and cheerful blues,  you’ll look great while feeling comfortable.
  • Environmentally friendly – Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world, which means that underwear made from bamboo fibres are a great renewable resource and are much more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials.

For those who want comfort and style in their underwear and at the same time want to be more eco-friendly in their life, Mosmann Australia’s range of EcoFriendly is the perfect choice.  To find out more about these amazing bamboo-modal underwear options, check out the Mosmann range now.