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Men's Underwear


Have More Fun with Coloured Undies

Mosmann Australia has made it their mission to be deliberately different, relaxed and unique in everything that they do, which is why their ranges of underwear not only come in  traditional black and white colours, but also in a range of fun patterns and bold colours.

Why be boring with your undie selection? Sometimes all you need to start your business day in a great mood is to know that underneath your conservative suit, ironed shirt and  staid tie you are wearing a pair of undies that are bright, bold and colourful.

We have a wide range of super comfy coloured undies available for both men and women, and our range includes:

  • Stripes – With shades of blue, greeen, red and everything in between, our striped undies look tailored and stylish, making your butt look and feel great.
  • Checkers – Our M Series checkered underwear are the ultimate combination of breathable fabrics in a killer design, and will have you starting your day with confidence.
  • Polka dots – Want something a little out of the ordinary? Polka dots are the perfect way to add a little fun and flirtation to your underwear choice.
  • Patterns – With everything from patterned leaves to zigzag squiggles, our range of patterned undies come in a variety of styles and colours that will keep you from ever wanting to wear plain undies again.

Coloured undies are a great way to add a little fun and spice to your day, so why not give them a try now? The Mosmann Australia range of underwear for men and women has everything you could need for down there. And to prove just how good value Mosmann underwear is, we now even have a brand new 2 -pack deal of our Basic men’s underwear range in an assortment of colours that you can choose from.

Have fun today with your underwear with help from Mosmann Australia.