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Styles of Mosmann Men’s Underwear

May 11, 2015 2 min read

Gone are the days of ill-fitting, uncomfortable men’s underwear that our grandparents had to put up with. Here at Mosmann, we know that every man is built differently and have made it our goal to only supply comfy undies that provide support in all the right places – all while still allowing a man to feel sexy. With our extensive range of jocks, briefs and trunks, you are sure to find the perfect undies for your particular body shape.

For years, sexy underwear has long been associated with scratchy, itchy material. Not with Mosmann’s unique range of briefs, boxers and trunks made from a variety of high-quality material. From basic, comfort and essential styles to black, silver and gold label, eco and the luxe range, we know the importance of comfortable underwear. Whether it’s in the office or on the tennis court, Mosmann has every situation covered.

We believe our underwear is the best on the market for comfort because:

  • We use superior materials such as cotton, lycra, modal and bamboo when making our underwear. This allows minimal irritation with maximum breathability and moisture absorption.
  • Mosmann underwear feature the bonus of sewn-in cotton tags to stop irritation of traditionally scratchy tags.
  • Our designs include thicker waistbands (from 30mm to 60mm) to prevent uncomfortable rolling and folding. We believe a waistband should comfortably hug the waist without moving – and that’s exactly what our men’s underwear does.
  • Seamless stitching means you will never have to endure itchy sewing again

One thing to remember when purchasing new undies is to make sure they actually fit! If they’re too loose, the undies will constantly creep and ride up, while overly tight undies pinch and chafe – a general rule to follow is that if the underwear leaves marks on the skin, get a bigger size!

Whether you’re after bold and bright or prefer stylish elegance, Mosmann have the perfect underwear for every man.