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Mosmann Womens Underwear

There are many advantages to wearing great underwear. Apart from the obvious – comfortable undies make you feel good – there are many other lesser known advantages, and Mosmann are here to help you discover the advantages and find your way to underwear happiness.

Firstly, underpants that fit properly can make a person look slimmer. Yes – REALLY! BY investing in a pair of properly fitted women’s underpants, the bulge of excess material under your clothing is reduced, thus reducing the size of the waist and your butt. What woman wouldn’t consider that a bonus?

Having the correct underwear can make or break an outfit. There is no point investing in an expensive outfit if your ugly knickers are exposed to the world – bulky underpants look tacky, and too-obvious seam lines are just as bad. Avoid these problems if possible and always make sure you invest in the correct size -  remember that if your underwear leaves a mark on your skin then they are way too tight.

Let Mosmann solve all of your underwear issues. Whether you are after a hipster boy leg style of underpants for everyday wear or a hipster bikini to wear with that fancy dress, we have the underpants for every occasion. Available in a wide variety of bold, bright colours, our designs also include a selection of coloured stripes, spots, checks, leopard print and floral-type patterns to compliment any outfit.

Best of all, Mosmann women’s underwear have all been designed to be seamless and are made from the softest modal available. Our waistbands range in thickness, from 2cm to 4cm wide (depending on what range you are looking at) and are made from high-quality jacquard elastic to prevent rubbing and itching.

We do all of this simply to give our customers the most comfortable underwear on the market. When it comes to luxury underwear, Mosmann knows what you want.