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Men’s swim shorts

May 11, 2015 2 min read

These days swimwear fashion is just as important to the wardrobe as evening or day wear. Investing in a decent pair of swimming shorts is more than just a luxury – it is simply a necessity. But finding a decent pair can quickly become confusing when trying to decipher all of the different material types, especially when all you want to find is a pair of swimming shorts that don’t rub and stay where they’re supposed to!

Instead of running from shop to shop searching for the perfect swim wear, let Mosmann do the hard work for you. Our men’s swim shorts are all made from high quality, lightweight material that is not only durable but also dries quickly. All of our swim shorts are constructed with a water-resistant nylon shell, and only 100% polyester is used on the inner lining for superior comfort. This means you’ll never experience chafing, rubbing or inflamed skin.

Some important advice when choosing a colour or design for swimwear is to remember to always take your body type into consideration. Men who are tall and skinny look best in bold, bright prints or patterns, and should never wear solid coloured shorts of any description – patterns break up the height a bit, whereas solid colours can make a person look like a giant.

If the body shape is more round and short, wearing darker, solid colours can give the appearance of height and slenderness. This body type should take care to avoid bright patterns and horizontal stripes, as this only breaks up the flow of the body and makes a person seem shorter. Whether you are after stripes, patterns or bold, bright colours, Mosmann have a pair of swim shorts to suit even the most fashion-conscious males.

For high quality, inexpensive swim shorts, let Mosmann get your man sorted.