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The Right Undies for your Body Type

May 11, 2015 2 min read

Does your underwear constantly creep towards your nether regions or bunch up uncomfortably in your trousers? Are you constantly having to stop to readjust yourself at the most inconvenient times? Awkward undies certainly don’t make you feel sexy, but there is up hope of finding underwear that is actually wearable. Finding comfortable underwear ispossible – that is, if you know a few fashion secrets.

The main cause of uncomfortable undies is that they are badly fitted. In fact, chances are you’re actually wearing the wrong undies for your particular body type. I know – I can hear you thinking that comfortable underwear means sacky tighty-whities, but we’re here to tell you that ugly undies are a thing of the past. Mosmann’s designers have created a vast range of underwear in so many styles and fabrics that any man can find their dream underwear. The guide below will help you find the ultimate undies for your body shape.

 For the taller man:Boxer briefs and trunks are the way to go. They are the only design that actually sit on the waist and won’t make you feel as though you’re falling out of your undies. Some manufacturers specifically make underwear for men with a longer body shape, so always keep an eye out for these.

Avoid all styles of low cut underwear as you’ll constantly be re-adjusting.

For the shorter man:The recommendation here is the low cut style of trunks or briefs, preferably in the form fitting styles. These will sit better on the waist so that the underwear doesn’t sit over the top of the belly button.

Avoid longer leg styles of underwear as well as high cut versions, as these tend to bunch up underneath your clothing.

For the pear-shaped man:Our underwear experts recommend investing in boxer briefs or trunks to give your privates full coverage, preferably with a longer leg that sits mid-thigh. This will give your figure the illusion of a more streamlined shape.

Avoid purchasing low-cut styles of underwear, as they tend to expose a little butt when you bend over (think plumbers crack).

For the round man: The best fit here is boxer shorts. Whether you are choosing a loose or tight fitting style, make sure you find a fabric that appeals, such as a cotton or other lightweight but soft material – there is nothing worse than the feel of a bulky or stiff material under a pair of jeans.

Avoid wearing anything with tight leg bands or waists. Tight underwear on larger men can restrict blood flow, cause indentations in the skin and just be generally aggravating to wear.

For the slim man:Trunks are the answer you have been looking for. These form-hugging underpants are not only comfortable, but they also help to hide the fact there isn’t actually much meat on your bones. A set of low cut trunks can actually give the illusion that there is more to the backside department than what is really there.

Avoid loose fitting boxer shorts and skimpy briefs – both will only highlight the size of your waist in the wrong ways.

And always remember – if it isn’t comfortable, don’t wear it.