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Men’s exercise shorts

Do you avoid going to the gym or exercising in general because of the daggy, outdated shorts in your cupboard? Are your workout clothes so uncomfortable that you spend the whole session re-adjusting yourself to stop them from chafing? Whatever issue you have with your exercise shorts, let Mosmann solve the problem with style.

Whether you are after a new pair of shorts for working out in or something practical to wear running, Mosmann has the perfect exercise shorts for every man. Our bright, modern designs are made for pure comfort, and they allow you to simply enjoy whatever you are doing – without worrying about your clothing. From leisure to intense sporting activity, Mosmann shorts are the solution.

 Why are Mosmann designs superior? The primary reason is because we use the best fabrics available on the market. From the shorts material itself to the inner lining and waistbands, you’ll only find the highest quality materials in every garment. Mosmann’s Viktor range are one example of the perfect exercise companion – designed based on the retro 70’s look for comfort and freedom of movement, these shorts also feature an inner brief lining, elasticised waistband as well as a drawstring for added protection against accidental exposure.

Best of all, the Viktor range features a  variety of colours and are all made from 100% fine-mesh polyester. We’ve all heard about the benefits of polyester, but how many people actually know what it does? This moisture-wicking fabric prevents chafing from developing, minimises rubbing on the skin and reduces sore skin and infections because it doesn’t absorb moisture like cotton does – which is definitely a bonus when you’re hard working out.

So the next time you are looking for lightweight, comfortable and stylish exercise shorts, trust Mosmann for an inexpensive answer. Turn heads today with Mosmann designs.