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The Right Undies to Buy Your Boyfriend

May 11, 2015 3 min read

Your boyfriend’s underwear may not be seen by anyone but yourself, but it’s still important to get right. Having good undies is vital to any wardrobe, male or female, and comfort and practicality is key. Taking the time to understand what best suits your boyfriend’s needs is essential when buying on his behalf.

So what do you need to know?


Though manufacturers make standard waist sizes, the rest of the fitting can vary from brand to brand. Knowing what brand he likes is a great start to finding the right style. If you’re unsure, small waistlines generally fit waistline measurements of between 28 to 30 inches, medium fits 32 to 24 inches and large fits between 36 and 38 inches.


Men’s underwear comes in a variety of fabrics that include Lycra, cotton, polyester, silk, bamboo and nylon. Bear in mind that some people can be allergic to nylon or Lycra, so determine whether or not this is the case for your boyfriend.

Cotton: Cotton is the most common material for underwear, achieving a good balance of softness and comfort, structural integrity and strength as well as flexibility and weight. It can sometimes be weaved with polyester to improve its durability.

MicroModal:Thanks to Lenzing MicroModal, this microfiber underwear enfolds your body in an embrace so light it is almost imperceptible. This is perfect for guys who wear tight jeans as there is no uncomfortable bagging or sagging.

Modal:With a similar texture to natural silk, modal is a versatile fabric that is cool to the touch and so perfect for keeping your lower body at a comfortable temperature. When weaved with lycra, such as in our M-Series, these undies not only look fabulous but are the most comfortable undies your special guy will ever wear.

Lycra:Lycras best feature is its elasticity, meaning it is commonly weaved into underwear fabrics. However, underwear made solely of lycra may not be that pleasant, so it’s important that you purchase lycra that has been blended with another form of fabric.

Nylon: Nylon is a relatively new synthetic material that is a cheaper version to silk. While it’s not as pleasant on the skin as cotton, nylon is a popular choice with men due to its durability and elasticity. For example, our skin range of seamless underwear is designed to go unnoticed beneath clothing.

Bamboo:If your boyfriend is environmentally conscious, he may enjoy a pair of eco-friendly bamboo undies, with antibacterial properties that will keep him fresh all day and night without making too much of a stamp on the environment. Bamboo is also great should your boyfriend have sensitive skin.


Men’s underwear styles have come a long way in recent times and now offer an array of styles to suit.

Boxer shorts: Boxer shorts feature an elasticised waistband and are often the loosest of all styles. The shorts have straight-cut leg openings that cover both the butt and thighs, and length varies from 8-16 inches. If your boyfriend prefers a tighter leg then tapered boxers are a good choice, and while they don’t come with a fly at the front like regular boxers they do have an additional cup for support.

Boxer shorts are good for everyday wear, but are not recommended for the athletic man who enjoys physical activity.

Briefs: Briefs are a good option if your boyfriend likes to wear low-rise jeans, as briefs tend to sit lower than other styles. Traditional briefs come with an elastic waistband and a Y-shaped fly, and cover both the butt and upper thigh.

Thong or jockstrap: Only for the adventurous, a thong is merely a string with a small pouch that cups the genitals. Unless you know for certain that your boyfriend would wear a thong, it’s best to shy away from this style.

The best tip for buying underwear for your boyfriend is to purchase what you like, but something you know he will wear and feel comfortable in. Keep it simple and purchase good quality and you can’t go wrong.