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How to Avoid VPLs

Visible panty lines (VPLs) are one of the biggest fashion faux pas both men and women can make, yet according to the experts they are easily avoidable.  Many believe that thongs are the answer, but not only can thongs be uncomfortable, they can also create their own visible lines or peek out the top of clothing – a look that’s never acceptable. So what is the answer?

First up, you need to understand what causes visible panty lines. VPLs occur at the point where your elastic meets your bottom cheek, with bad lines the result of the elastic being too tight. As elastic digs in, your cheeks have nowhere else to go but out, creating bulges where there shouldn’t be. To avoid tight elastic, look for appropriate underwear such as:


For women, shapewear that ends around the thigh or calf area is perfect for avoiding visible panty lines. Shapewear has the added benefit of being able to pull you in in places such as the tummy and can give your derriere that little added lift you might be looking for.


Seamless underwear is available for both men and women, and can be ideal to prevent a VPL from ruining your outfit. Mosmann’s ‘Skin’ range is the perfect example of what seamless men’s underwear should be, and is available in stylish black.


Tanga briefs are minimal to medium in their shape and not too dissimilar to a thong. The added benefit to tangas over thongs is the extra coverage and smooth seams. When shopping for tangas, avoid those that have a centre band at the back, which can show through clothes, and avoid elasticated leg holes.

No-show panties

Many brands have released their take on “no-show panties”, which claim to remain invisible under any clothing. While styles vary from hiphuggers to bikini cuts, no-show panties are all made from smooth material and thin bands and seams.


Since pantyhose first came on the scene in the early 60s, they’ve become a staple in every woman’s wardrobe and are easily available at any good supermarket. Once the replacement of stockings and garters, pantyhose have now reinvented themselves as shapewear, rump raisers and visible panty line erasers. The original purpose remains prominent, however, and that is to make legs look smooth, long and gorgeous.

No matter what style of underwear you choose, your briefs should fit nicely to your backside shape. Too tight and they’ll create bulges. Too loose and the material can wrinkle causing unsightly bumps and crinkles. If you prefer a full coverage, look for boy-cut briefs that cover your entire rear, preventing the material from rising up and bunching.

While cotton underwear is cooling, it’s not the best material to wear under tight clothing, as cotton can give a rumpled look as well as a VPL. The preferred material is elastic or spandex. Colour can also play are part, so be careful not to wear dark underwear under light clothing. Whenever possible, match your underwear to your skin tone.

Still unsure? Ask a friend before you leave the house or check in the mirror once you’re dressed. Don’t forget to try a few different stances such as sitting and squatting.