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Autumn Casualwear for Men

May 11, 2015 2 min read

While it can be sad to say goodbye to the summer months, one thing to look forward to is the autumn fashion hitting men’s stores. Autumn  is an exciting time for fashion, with the transition period a perfect time to blend casual shirts and T-shirts with more formal, warmer pants. Autumn is all about cuts, and Mosmann’s body-hugging, contoured T-shirts are the ultimate feel-good casual wear.

T-shirts are a simple way to create style in autumn, with T-shirts such as Mosmann’s Jimmy V plain tee providing a slim fit for a tailored profile. In Moon Mist Grey, it’s one of the season’s hottest colours and being 60% cotton, it’s cool enough for those still warm days.

 But what other items should an autumn wardrobe contain?


Raw denim is an absolute must for any man’s autumn wardrobe, as it is the perfect blend between casual and formal. Denim can be easily dressed up or down, with a T-shirt highlighting ultimate comfort and a smart shirt and oxfords quickly taking it to the next level.

Chambray shirt

A chambray shirt is a touch dressier than a T-shirt, but still casual enough for a lunch with friends. Chambrays allow for bolder hues, so don’t be afraid to combine a bold coloured shirt with a more modest coloured pant. You can also play with it the other way around by teaming a pale blue shirt with a pair of red shorts and brogues.


For when the nights turn a little chilly, a figure-hugging knit is an absolute must. An autumn wardrobe calls for just one quality piece that can be layered over other clothing, so pick your piece carefully and look for a modern cut.


Checks are perfect for layering and they just happen to be one of the hottest patterns this autumn. Checks come in a mass of styles, colours and patterns and whether worn as underwear, a shirt or other outerwear, checks bring a sense of style to your wardrobe that can still be classed as casual.

Enclosed shoes

Autumn is the time to pack away the thongs and sandals and say hello to enclosed shoes such as desert boots, brogues and oxfords. Shoes should not be underestimated are an important part to every man’s wardrobe, so ensure they are well maintained, comfortable and practical.


Chinos are great for slightly cooler days and looked stylish teamed with a plain white T-shirt and desert boots. Chinos call for earthy autumn colours, so look for reds, khakis and browns.

Cotton jumper

Cotton is a lot cooler than wool, therefore it’s important to have both styles of sweaters in your autumn wardrobe. Cotton jumpers can be worn all year round, whenever the wind drops or the cool night air rolls in. V-necks look good over a button-down collar dress shirt, but be sure the collar remains under the sweater along with the cuffs. A crew-neck jumper will look good with just about anything and should be comfortable yet not oversized.