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Is it Time to Replace Your Socks?

Changing your socks can make all the difference when it comes to how you feel throughout the day, with sweaty, damp socks making you feel cold, dirty and unhygienic. It’s recommended that taking a spare pair of socks with you to work can give you an energy boost, with after lunch being an ideal time. While you’re at it, you can also give your feet a quick little massage, stimulating your circulatory system and helping to send oxygen and glucose around your body.

The frequency of changing socks will depend on how many pairs of socks you own. According to a number of studies, the average person owns 22 pairs of socks, but only 77% of men and women change their socks daily. Only a very small number will change their socks throughout the day. One European study revealed that a staggering 4% change their socks every three days, while 1% change their socks just once in a week!

As for tossing out worn socks, nearly 18% of men admit to waiting until they are given more socks as a gift before saying goodbye to their holey pairs.

Why you should change your socks regularly

When skin gets warm and damp, nasty funguses can begin growing in between your toes. This is typical when proper drying is not applied after a shower or when socks are left on the feet too long. What can then happen is you can develop a fungus known as Athlete’s Foot, an itchy rash that makes feet smelly, dry and irritated. While anti-fungal cream can help clear up the fungal infection, keeping feet clean in fresh, dry socks is essential in clearing it entirely.

Socks and shoes naturally go together, and when socks are not changed regularly shoes can quickly become smelly and unwearable. Socks should be kept in good condition, which prevents chafing inside the shoe, gives warmth in winter and allows the feet to breathe during the hot summer months.

For socks used as foot warmers, a fresh pair and a quick rub of the feet can dramatically warm you up.

Styles of socks

Socks, like people, come in all shapes and sizes. Common styles are knee-high, toe socks, short socks, athletic socks, anklets, novelty and thermal socks. It’s important to have a range of sock styles to suit your different types of attire. As a general rule, you’ll always need socks suitable for athletic, casual and dressier occasions.

Athletic socks are usually made from bulky, white material like cotton. They are thicker and heavier than other socks, designed to absorb sweat well while allowing the foot to breathe. Socks can also help to cushion the foot and give traction inside running shoes.

Casual socks come in a range of materials, from cotton through to polyester, nylon and wool. Quite often, casual cocks will be a blend of a few different materials. Calf length is a popular choice, and colours and patterns vary.

Dress socks are made from thin materials such as a cotton/polyester/nylon blend and usually come in dark colours. A popular pattern is geometric.