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The Minimalist Guide to Winter Style: 2014 Edition

If you’re a fashion-conscious bro, you should think about investing in some quality trends for this winter. There are some fiercely popular pieces this season that every man should have before he can deservingly strut down those chilly streets with confidence.

Here are some key trends for this winter:

Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are the ultimate minimalist item – they’re tough, versatile and won’t go out of fashion any time soon. For extra impact, you can choose a leather jacket with embellishments like studs and zippers. They stand out from the crowd and give you some extra points on the machismo scale to boot.

You may not own a Harley to get a woman’s engine rumbling, but wearing one of these bad boys from Viparo will definitely have her wanting a ride.


Hight Top Boots

When you’re ready to play in the big leagues of style, the high top boot trend will surely move you up the ranks. You can wear them casually with a V-neck tee shirt or dress them up with a fitted turtleneck. And if you’re a suave enough to own it at the club or bar, these babies will exude effortless style.

You can try the leather lace-up boots from Style Tread for all your weekend need


Straight Leg Pants

Straight leg pants have an ultra-slim cut that offers a fresh, clean look. You can rock them at the office or wear them out with a crisp dress shirt and vest. They’re simple, classic and, above all, versatile – a must for any minimalist wardrobe makeover.

We think these black straight leg trousers (available at Asos) are pretty cool, offering both a quality fit and classic style


Charcoal Peacoats

This season is all about monochromatic tones and experimenting with different shades of grey. So, get ready to embrace the classic grey pea coat as a classic winter staple that exudes manpower and status. For a similar look, you can try the Pacino Peacoat, available at The Iconic. 


Silver Buckle Belts

Silver buckle belts are one of the most rugged staples a man should wear and most definitely one that ladies will notice. You can slap on one of these puppies with your straight leg trousers or jeans to secure a sharp look.

Check out this leather belt by Van Heusen, which features a sturdy silver buckle for a trendy, yet industrial look. And, as you’d expect from a minimalist’s belt, it’s reversible too.

Fedora Hats

The fedora hat is an accessory that can really give that extra oomph to your outerwear. You can give some edge to this look with a slight 5 o’clock shadow, creating the perfect combination of manly vigour and style.

You can find great fedora hats at Stetson, such as this one, to complete your outfit.


With these sharp trends in your arsenal, you’ll be prepared for success every time. Remember that being impressive often comes down to your look and your level of confidence. With a heavy dose of both qualities, you’ll always exude a strong alpha persona.