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How to Look Like a Million Bucks in 5 Minutes

After a long day and a hectic schedule, life can often take a toll on your appearance. Yet, for the ambitious go-getters of the world, there’s no reason to sale through life everyday making sub-par impressions. A real man takes control of his life and leads strong interactions by knowing how to quickly appear presentable at all times. He is able to face life’s daily grind with his manhood in check and his confidence in full swing – and make it all appear effortless, of course!

 Here are some tricks every man should secretly know if he wants to work hard, play hard and still maintain an impressive look.

1An awesome black shirt

One of the most attractive outfits a guy can create without trying too hard is by wearing the go-to black tee shirt. If its well-fitted and crisp, this staple can consistently look great and is easy to match with any jeans or trousers. Also, black is one of the sharpest colors a man can wear. Finally, you can accent the shirt by throwing on a couple leather man-bracelets, giving you a trendy appeal.

Do as Don Draper would do, and keep one or two black tees in a drawer at work. You can’t go wrong with this pair, available at Asos.


2. Eye Cream

If you’re suffering from a hard night before, you can always freshen up your look with eye cream. Try Olay’s Fresh Effects Bright On Schedule Eye Awakening Cream. It contains micro beads that cool the skin underneath your eyes while also reducing puffiness and dark circles. With this secret weapon in your armory (read: man bag), you’ll be able to look and feel more energized before you head out.


3. A Solid Shave

Unless you can convey the charming ruggedness of Hugh Jackman, you’re better off keeping a clean shaven face than stepping out in a half day of stubble. This tidy appearance is usually more attractive to women and is ultimately a safer choice in most situations.

Pro tip: keep a shaving brush handy, like this travel brush from The Art of Shaving. Not only do they have all sorts of old-school swag, they eliminate the need for a big bottle of shaving cream by using more compact shaving soaps.

4. A great pair of shoes

Shoes stand as one of the most powerful signs of persona. For this reason, you should always make sure to wear stylish shoes even on the most casual days. Since sneakers are for a fashion amateur, try the versatile Florsheim Kettering shoe. Its quality hand stitched detail and rich brown colour reveals a casual refinement that every man should have if he’s serious about looking presentable.

5. A winning cologne

Just like in the animal kingdom, females are always enticed by alluring scents. A well-prepared bro always keeps his scent in check for an all-day fresh feeling and to keep the ladies thirsting. You also never want to be caught running into your ex with a day’s worth of man sweat!

For an alluring scent, choose “Fierce” by Abercrombie and Fitch (available at Amazon).  Its clean burst of fresh citrus oozes confidence and attitude to give you an unstoppable appeal.


6. F**k me briefs

You never know when you’re gonna get lucky, so ALWAYS be prepared for the moment. Whether it’s happening in the office closet or at her place, you never want to be stuck wearing sub-par undies. So, even when your pants are down, you can look like a million bucks with a hard-core pair of  Mosmann briefs, which offer the ultimate combination of comfort and sex-appeal.

Check out our Metallic range. It takes real confidence to rock these babies smoothly, but they make a great ice breaker for first time stripping. That said, we will caution you – if you’re rake thin and prefer your drinks from a straw, do not try pulling off this look. Just…don’t.

 By living by these six easy steps, you can always feel like a million bucks before you head out the door.  Even if your schedule is fully loaded, you should be able to convey style and attitude. When you know how to look like a winner in just 5 minutes, you’ll  be able to turn heads with minimal effort.