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Should You Get an Underwear Makeover?

For most of us, shopping for underwear is a bit like taking out the trash. It’s important, but it’s neither fun nor necessary enough to do when it needs to be done. Most guys leave it until they absolutely have to –a recent survey found that the average Brit replaces their underwear every 7 years!

To combat the epidemic of “Replace Them Once They’re Worn”, we’d like to bring awareness to the “Underwear Makeover”. The Underwear Makeover aims to raise awareness for the epidemic of replacing underwear only once it has has holes in it. If you think that it’s OK to keep wearing old underwear, dig a little deeper and reflect with us on the real effects of old underwear.


You lose a little of that “new underwear swagger”. Remember the feeling of putting on comfortable new underwear that you look good in? That feeling goes away in time. Sadly, us humans are designed to love new shiny things (look, a squirrel!). Wearing something new just makes us feel better. And when we feel better, we have the confidence to perform better in every aspect of life.


Sorry to break it to you, but ild underwear looks a bit daggy. You may think no-one notices, but your better half WILL notice any flaws in your nether-coverings. Any fading, stretching or holes are just a little bit gross. If you’re not convinced, think back to the last time you saw sub-par underwear in the most intimate of situations. Was it just a tiny bit of a turn-off? Please, don’t be a turn-off. The world needs more love.


Last, but definitely not least – it just doesn’t feel as good. No matter how well-built it is, old underwear will never feel as good as new. Quality new underwear is like the cool side of a pillow. It supports you, it keeps all your bits, pieces nooks and crannies in place.


So if you think you might be in need of an underwear makeover, read on. We’ll guide you through the process of getting the best bang for buck for your pants.

Step 0: Make Sure You Know the Right Underwear for Your Body Shape

Before you even start, figure out what your underwear type is. How you look is almost as important as how you feel in your underwear. Knowing what shape underwear you look best in is an essential part of getting underwear you look good in. If you don’t already know, check out our guide.


Step 1: Out With the Old

A man or lady of style has only underwear they would be proud to get caught out in. Underwear that falls below your level is the weakest link in your last level of armour. So take a moment to go through your underwear collection and dispose of any pairs that are faded, pilling or wearing thin. And while you’re at it, lose the ones that you no longer look forward to wearing. Every day should be one that you look forward to kicking goals on, so make sure you’re ready for it from the inside out.

Step 2: Plan for Enough

Getting a good sized collection of underwear together is one of those unexpected little life upgrades that you’ll really appreciate. It means that you’ll have the confidence of fresh underwear without having to do laundry every few days. And, unless you’re getting an underwear subscription, you’ll need to get a fair few pairs to get your stock levels up to par (especially if you took a big hit in step 1).

We recommend having at least 10 pairs of underwear in your rotation:

  • One for each day of the week
  • A couple for days when you need to double up – e.g. if you go to the beach or have a special evening planned
  • An emergency pair – you never know when you might need it

If you’re an active person, you may even want to double our minimum recommendation. Whatever the case, just ensure that your underwear never has you worried about doing laundry. You have bigger and better things to concern yourself with than laundry.

Step 3: Get a Range of Designs

Once you’ve added a few items to your shortlist, look back at the colours you’ve selected. Generally speaking, you’ll find that you look best in the underwear that suits your skin tone best. As a general guide, stick with the following colours:
  • Darker colours look best on lighter skin tones
  • Bright & pastel colours look best on medium and well-tanned skin tones
  • Light colours and patterns are best on dark skin (but tidy whities are still never OK)
That said, we encourage you to get at least a few different colours and designs. Bright colours, in particular, are great to wear in situations where you might be stripping down in public (we’re talking strip poker, not being a public nuisance), as they make you look and feel a little less like you’re just wearing underwear. And, believe it or not, knowing that your underwear matches your clothes is a nice little confidence booster shot when you’re going out.
Step 4: Get One New Fabric
Most people buy cotton underwear as their staple. It’s comfortable, durable and a safe option. But in the spirit of doing one thing every day that scares you, we encourage you to try at least one pair of underwear with a new fabric. You may never look back. For example, micromodal and modal fabrics are known as the closest materials to silk when it comes to men’s underwear. And bamboo is a little-known gem of a fabric that works to remove moisture and keep you thermoregulated all day long. You may never look back!
Step 5: Get a Good Deal
If you’re buying a good sized batch of underwear, make sure you get a good deal! Free shipping is just the start. Look for packs of your staple underwear, freebies for bigger orders or voucher codes. Feel free to email your underwear merchant of choice to ask for a discount – nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? And, of course, keep your ears open for a good sale. Right now, we have just moved many of our popular styles for both men and ladies into our outlet at 50% off. Here are some of our more popular styles, all selling at 50% off!