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Always Dress like You’re Going to Run Into Your Ex

May 11, 2015 3 min read

Photo credit:AMC

Presenting your best self begins with your style – an indomitable combination of fashion and attitude. When these two forces are fused together in the right way, you’re virtually unstoppable. The people around you – love interests, work associates and friends – will notice you and feel the impact of your perfectly executed look. This is why it’s important for us to set high standards for ourselves when dressing. And what higher standard can you set than dressing as if you’re going to run into your ex? It doesn’t matter how it ended, most of us still want her to know what she’s missing out on.

Dressing like you may run into your ex means presenting yourself as a man who demands respect. If you consider the messages your style sends to others, you’ll be better equipped to develop your look.  You can start by asking yourself: do I exude charisma and poise in my appearance, or did I just slap on any old daggy duds before going out? If you identify with the latter, you should know that men who are happier and more successful understand the importance of a strong presence.

The workplace is a good place to start cultivating this attitude. When you’re dressing well and having the attitude to match, it signals to others that you’re seasoned and capable. Take a moment to think about the Don Draper, who swaggers into work every day with mint tailored pants and a snazzy blazer. Or the Rachel Zane, who amazes with exquisite blouses and power heels. They are the people who are stealing the show and creating the look of success. By becoming more conscious about how you dress, you’ll become more impressive. You’ll also build richer interactions with others.

Catering to your style also helps develop better self-esteem. Men who are great dressers often feel good because they can be proud of their identity. In turn, this develops a stronger sense of self, conveying a persona that people notice. This is why men should value looking confident and successful over handsome. For this reason, you should think about investing in some distinguished man gear and place more emphasis on quality staples like leather belts and blazers as opposed to footy shirts or tackily designed t-shirts. Women also tend to be more attracted to men who dress more maturely. A crisp dresser suggests status and self-love, allowing you to appear more attractive.

If the route to feeling and looking this great is a matter of attire, then why do so few of us work on this quality? The reality is that cultivating a great look takes time and energy. It seems hectic schedules trump our willingness to dress well.  However, we should not give in to the temptation of hurried outfits and hair-hiding baseball caps.  You’ll find that as you invest in yourself, the effort will pay off. People notice those who love themselves and that positive energy will surround you and transform you. When all aspects of your life come together, you’ll feel better about your life.

As the old saying goes, “you only live once”. So make it count and do it right, every time. By setting higher standards for the way you dress, you’ll live life with attitude, dignity and style! You may not run into her, but if you dress like you will then you’ll find your standards to live by rise – all day, every day.