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Meet our “Get in our pants” comp winner!

Have you seen our Baja trunks?  These geometric, tribally looking cactuses were skilfully drawn by a talented artist from New Zealand who won our “Get in our Pants” comp all the way back in May last year.  We had over 100 entrants submitting their print designs to be actually printed on a pair of trunks and put into production.  We had awesome geometric prints, photographic ones, florals and some down right crazy designs – but the one that we thought that would make the most impact was this monochrome one by Michelle Berekkers.

We took 10 minutes out of Michelles life to ask her about what inspired her to draw this design and other interesting facts about this chick from NZ.

Hi Michelle, can you give us an introduction about yourself?

I am 20 years old and am from Whangarei, New Zealand. I have lived in Whangarei practically all my life apart from the last year where I ventured to a bigger city, only to return back home 9 months later. I attended a little country primary school called Matarau Primary, moving onto Kamo Intermediate and then to Kamo High School. I haven’t yet attempted University but am looking into studying Naturopathy in the new year.

What do you do for a living? Describe a typical day.

I was a Barista in an amazing, bustling Cafe in Auckland for the past 9 months, but as of the last two weeks I have moved back home to begin a part time job at an awesome little cafe in Whangarei town and getting ready to start studying in January. When I was living in Auckland my typical kind of day would look like a lovely early start of around 6am so that I could make it to the cafe and start a busy day of making coffee and interacting with some pretty awesome customers.  Then I would head back to my flat to relax with the flat mates or venture into the city to catch up with some more mates. Now that I am back at home it is very different, my days now consist of sleep ins, swims at the beach and adventures to beaches near by, catch ups with friends and am starting to get back into my love of art and creating art.

That sounds pretty awesome to us. . . When did you discover you could draw?

I all ways loved doing creative, artsy things since I can remember but it was about 3 years ago when I actually discovered my drawing skill. I went to my bach (beachhouse for all us non Kiwi’s) with a few friends and just started doodling and developed my technique and style from there.

With my drawing there’s no inspiration I guess behind it.  I more just begin drawing and go from there. I got the cactus name for it because my flat mate said it looked a bunch of cactuses!What inspired you to draw your winning design?

Any other interesting/ funny/ quirky facts about your work you could share with us?

On a very regular basis my deputy Manager at the cafe would tell me off for either singing to loud, laughing to loud or just being to loud in general. It never stopped me, in fact I would only sing louder or laugh even harder. (I am a terrible singer, and every one would mention how you could hear from every area of the cafe but I always decided that it’s better to have fun at work than be miserable and boring!)  We agree!

After being a barista for 6 months I entered a barista competition against some baristas that had a lot of experience in the industry and I came out winning the competition (not trying to blow my own trumpet to much but I was pretty excited about it!)

Best piece of advice I’ve been given…

That’s a hard one! But the advice that comes to my head was from my Pop when I was really young, I was eating my dinner on his lap and I left all the yucky green stuff not wanting to eat it, he says to me “the trick to when eating dinner is all ways eat the yuck stuff first and leave the yum stuff for last”.

It’s not very cool, but I really like…

Cooking, it’s my way of relaxing. Getting into the kitchen and making a yummy  dinner or baking a scrummy snack. (We think it’s cool) 

That was awesome to get an insight into a budding artist from New Zealand.  We wish you all the best Michelle!