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Men's Underwear


Mens Tailored Swim Shorts

For quite some time the trend in men’s swim short hemlines are fighting gravity, a good decade ago shorter shorts on men would have been considered daring and would make most men feel like a fish out of water. Today a good two to three inches above the kneecap is on point with some reaching an inch above mid thigh or even shorter. As always fashion comes full circle and we modern men are embracing the throwback shorter short’s my grandfather wore that made my grandmother swoon. Apparently he had great legs!

Mosmann men’s swimwear pays homage to the old school swim trunks. Tailor fit with front snap button and fly. Cleverly designed with hidden drawstrings for a cleaner look, internal mesh lining and pockets so they wont fill up with water. Made from quick dry twill microfiber fabric versatile enough to wear riding your bicycle, hanging out your local pub in Sydney or a café in the Amalfi coast.

Dress it up or down tailored short length shorts, make your legs appear longer and adds visual height. This summer our collection has six-inch inseams available in twelve styles in classic or bold summer colours, as well as custom prints. If your familiar with the quality of our underwear, rest assured we carry the craft over any garment we do.

Stay tuned as we develop additional style with shorter lengths. Let the temperature rise and we’ll match it with our hemlines so you’ll look hotter than summer and make grandpa thrilled that his swim shorts are back in style.