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Spontaneous Summer Escapades


 Are you dreaming of lazy beach days, spontaneous adventures, and sipping cocktails over looking stunning scenery

So do it. Pack your car. And go. Make your dream a reality this summer.

It’s the first day of summer. The words ‘December’ and ‘January’ basically mean spontaneous, sun-kissed getaways. They do call it uni HOLIDAY for a reason. Its break time babes, time to satisfy your wanderlust and your inner cocktail-foodie-adventurer all at the same time. 

37 degrees and I am packing my best friend, pop-up tent and snazzy, yet comfortable Mosmann undies - the three essentials of any road-trip getaway- into Delilah (my car) and hitting the road. 

Umina Beach is the first stop. After pulling up at the campsite after our long hour drive the first thing we decide to do, after stuffing our face with food, is to go on a bush walk that we find on an old petrol station map. Pioneer adventurers or half crazy. We are keen; we are so pumped to do an easy 10-kilometre walk over two mountains and through two towns that ends in a pub with a beautiful view and a secluded beach.

Huffing and puffing up the mountain in 37 degree heat isn’t ideal but we are too far into the walk to turn back. The only way is forward. Sweat dripping, we begin moaning and groaning in unison. It gets to the point we look and sound like a zombie apocalypse until we stumble across a hidden, overgrown leafy track.

The sea breeze cools the sweat droplets off our foreheads as we drag our feet along the foliage and look up to the picturesque rolling mountains and glistening sapphire water of the Hawkesbury River. Awing mouths open, it is too hot to speak but I am sure my BFF is in just as much shock. The view is breathtakingly beautiful. Time had in a brief moment of serenity before I realize we are only half way through the hike.

The journey is long and tiring. My BFF and I fall out of the steep mountain track onto the pearly white sand looking like we had been lost for days. Literally I tore my shirt on a branch, our clothes are drenched with sweat so we definitely look rugged and displaced.

Secluded and alone we quickly strip off into our undies (thank goodness they look like swimmers!!) and refresh ourselves in the icy water.

The last part of the walk is always the hardest. My legs do not want to move anymore and I am pretty sure I can hear the water beckoning me back. However my eyes are set on this dream like image, which I am certain or more like hoping is real… It has to be…

A pub.                      

The rustic white walls and pine trees create a dreamy oasis. The calmness of Patonga is tranquil. There are no waves. No movement, until a fisherman slowly chugs his boat to the only wharf just outside the pubs entrance to unload the fresh catch of the day. A hard-earned drink was needed to cure our thirst and water is just not going to cut it, however, the taste of the sweet concoction of a cocktail will. The alcohol sooths my salty lips, a sense of calmness overcomes my BFF and I. We look at each other in satisfaction, dreading the long walk back.


Warrah Trig Pearl Beach