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Positano Thinking

inspirational quote

Positano Thinking

Close Your Eyes and Imagine.

Nothing matters. Life is in its element of perfection. You are about to partake in the biggest adventure of your life. You, the solo wanderer are going to Europe.

You are going delirious at Sydney airport being shuffled through customs; the sheep-like movements lull you into a daze.

You close your eyes and imagine yourself in Positano, Italy on a balcony staring at the colourful buildings overlooking the tranquil water as the sun makes its final bow. The warm breeze tickles your skin and a smell of freshly cooked pasta fills the air making your tummy grumble in delight. You hear a voice. You turn around and see a silhouette of a person seductively beckoning you…


You open your eyes and you realize that no, it is not your gorgeous Italian lover looking sexy in his amalfi underwear, but rather you have just been staring off into space for 20 minutes at a sweaty middle-aged customs man fairly creepily.

You quickly fix yourself up and wipe the saliva off your chin, trying to pretend he isn’t trying to crack onto you with dancing eyebrows.

Drowning in bodies you quickly hand over your passport and your boarding pass. This is it. You can’t turn back. The noise of the crowd engulfs you as you find your plane and board.

You feel the wind changes as you can feel your eyes slowly shutting.

You imagine that you are in an underwater abyss scuba diving in Austria’s Hochschwab Mountains. The palms of your hands are flat as you spread your fingers to feel the every swish of water, as you swim along the underwater bridge. The soft water’s current, merely a whisper spoken by mother earth rolls through the submerged phenomenon.

Hochschwab Mountains Austria scuba diving underwater hiking

And there you are. Alone. Witnessing the greatest of nature’s gifts.

Traveling and exploring.

This is freedom.

The serenity hypnotizes your senses and before you know it, you wake up and are seated in the plane, flying to your first destination.

You think to yourself – “damn those sleeping tablets are strong” – but come to understand that your every dream is about to become a reality. That your life is now beginning at the end of your comfort zone and the only person standing in your way of achieving your every desire is you.