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True Blue

Pool party

I admit it.

I keep leaving the sun and the sea because I am always travelling far and wide. I am addicted to being free and experiencing totally different cultures. But something always pulls me back to our beautiful rugged land, a feeling of pride and a feeling of home.

I am a true blue Aussie girl when it comes to talking the ear off a grasshopper, being super laid back and seeing the humour in almost everything.

So when it comes to Australia day I usually love to celebrate by having a good old-fashioned BBQ with mates and drink a few cold-ones.

But this year why not celebrate our diverse culture and luscious land doing something monstrous and spontaneous? After all Aussie’s are renowned for their hardcore party antics.

So this is my plan.

When I heard about the two-day Centennial Park 300-metre slip ‘n’ slide. A primary school flashback occurred of me breaking my arm on the slip ‘n’ slide at the annual primary school ‘Splashathon.’

Wanting to conquer my fear I booked a ticket (from $15-$60) to ride the slick vinyl. You can choose between the single slider, triple slider or ultimate slider. The latter includes a mouthguard, upgraded tube to slide on and three hours to muck around.

So being the adult I am that is looking for flashback fun I chose to do the ultimate slide, I know my inner 10-year-old is very proud of being so brave. Aside from the slide there will be music, food and drinks from 9am – 7pm.

Holding onto my free Daily Telegraph bucket hat whilst muzzling down a sausage sizzle and wanting to feel adultish again, I will make my way to the Ivy’s Aussie Day Courtyard Party, which is looking absolutely outrageous.

In true blue fashion, 30 artists are performing across 3 stages for an immense 12-hour party period. This event is only $63.80 and will be off-hook full of excitement.

It wouldn’t be any true blue Australia day without having some serious fun with friends to celebrate what it means to be Australian and our great nation.

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi!