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January 28, 2016 2 min read

Sunset Australia

Back To Nature

What makes a truly amazing escape?

Not being connected to the rest of the world with a touch of seclusion.

Those dreams of spontaneous adventures and overlooking stunning scenery became a reality satisfying my wanderlust just for a bit longer.

After working a hell of a lot over Christmas and New Year, I am packing my best friends, pop-up tent and snazzy, yet comfortable Mosmann undies - the three essentials of any road-trip getaway- into Delilah (my car) and hitting the road to Lake Glenbawn. Located in-between Scone and Musselbrook, 4 hours drive from Sydney.

This is the ideal location for waterskiing. No reception and hardly anyone around, its sky-high rolling mountains so rich and tranquil with translucent green glassy water so luscious it hypnotizes the senses.

After waterskiing all morning, we decide to conquer one of the many mountains that surround the dam. No footpaths. No directions. And hardly any water, like primal animals we make our own tracks up the mountain.

There is something peaceful about being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by thick foliage and difficult-to-climb terrain. We are as focused as ever to achieve our goal: reaching the peak of this mountain, but we are also sharing a moment with nature. Something so precious that none of us want to talk, a subtle glance and a nod of ‘yes I am ok’ suffices as something magical begins to blossom.

Saturated in sweat, huffing and puffing, getting prickled and prodded by nature. Stopping only occasionally for limited sips of water we stumble across a plateau. Still blinded from the sights we continue on, as we are too far into the trek to turn back and way too determined for our own good.

The rare black kangaroos best kept secret revels itself to us as we climb. Higher and higher the mountains hushed whisper cools our bodies as we stagger up the last 5 meters of rugged land and come face to face with mother-earth herself. The world literally beneath our feet as we look out over the dam and its surrounding walls.

Time is slower when entranced in a moment of beauty. Awing mouths open we stare in disbelief. Picturesque rolling mountains and untouched emerald green land stretched to the horizon. The lake, so immense in person, emphasizes sheer size and magnificence up high. Breathtakingly beautiful, we all look at each other in satisfaction and strip off our clothes to feel the breeze tickle every hair on our exhausted limbs. To feel the full extent of what nature so secretly hides from the rest of the world. To feel liberated and free. Arcadia.

Serenity. Passion. Beauty. This is living.

Lake Glenbawn