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To be impulsive is a beautiful thing. Tearing up your usual schedule in favour of spontaneity and booking a trip to Queensland three days before you leave is somewhat adventurous. But being impulsive can also lead to having 65 pairs of shoes and an overflowing closet full off colourful clothes and underwear.

I love a good statement piece. This is my problem. I am an addict. A committed member of the Frivolous Fashion Fanatic next level psycho shopping club, or as I lovingly call it FFF.

When the universe says no, my bank balance says no and my mum says no. I still buy the really cute matching snake-skinned pattern undies that are wildly comfortable, the amazing dress that extenuates my curves and the statement handbag.

When it is the only product left in my size and looks fabulous on, you would probably have more luck talking a hungry lion out of eating a wildebeest, than talking me out of buying it. I just can’t help but feed my addiction. I call it ‘trendestiny’, I mean it was obviously put there for me to come along and buy it; it is like the shopping gods are giving it to me as a gift, a gift I unfortunately have to pay for.

Retail therapy is how I justify this spontaneous shopping spree, by thinking “I did really well at uni this week - I showed up to my lectures,” or “This will look great at so-and-so event.” What I really should be doing is saying to myself: “Em, travelling costs money, you can’t buy a plane ticket with clothes babe!”

So I decided that enough is enough. Now that my wardrobe doors can’t shut anymore and my debit card is battered and bruised from spiraling out of control. It is time to bite the bullet and sell my beloved clothes. It is time I face my monster addiction and leave the FFF’s for a while. I’m not into expensive couture (thank goodness!); I just take pride in looking and feeling stylish and sophisticated.

And why shouldn't I spoil myself!

Because life is too short to dress dully – I dress for the woman I am and the woman I want to be. Because I am each of these women, and I feel it is wildly lavish to wear comfortable underwear and have statement shoes and bags.

But this is a new chapter. A chapter of outfit repeating and mixing and matching. A chapter of hard-core saving and no frivolous buying. A chapter where I face my monster. This is my new trendestiny. 

 classy girl