Travellers guide to underwear

March 17, 2016 2 min read

Hiking underwear

Underwear Adventures

Have you ever put much thought into which pair of underwear to take with you on your next adventure? We’ve put together some great underwear travel tips so your well covered for your great escape.

The great thing about packing underwear is that it doesn’t take up too much space, they're small, light, and easy enough to wash.

You see not all underwear are created equal. Washing any type of underwear takes the same amount of time, but here's where it counts; consider something that dries quickly so you can wash them often and spend less time going commando. 'Performance' gear underwear tends to be the best choice when your away from home and always on the go. They’re lightweight, breathable, and odour-resistant and most importantly, they are quick-drying.

Some great options available are; CoolMax, Bamboo, or MicroModal all three being used by some brands as they're sport or active fabric of choice. They meet all of the criteria’s mentioned above and quicker to dry compared to the average cotton. Packing travel-friendly underwear means you wont need as many and ultimately save space in your luggage. 

Underwear packing tips

It’s true that in general rolling clothes can save more space than folding, so apply this technique to your underwear as well. Small items like socks and underwear can easily slot into tiny available spaces. For example, inside your shoes and for the ladies inside you’re bra cups to maintain their shape and save further space and prevent the cups from folding inward too. If possible consider packing your underwear until last, this way you can fit them into any small pockets of space and act as filler in your luggage. 

So next time you’re planning on purchasing underwear, it’s always handy to consider having some travel friendly pairs in your drawer. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the travel experience more enjoyable.

Safe travels...

How to pack underwear

Oh! just in case you need an underwear top up in foreign land, we’ve put a list below on how to translate underwear in a few different languages ;) 

How to translate underwear in different languages:

Croatian - donje rublje

Czech - spodní prádlo

Danish - undertøj

Dutch - ondergoed

Finnish - alusvaatteet

French - sous-vêtements

German - Unterwäsche

Greek - εσώρουχα

Hungarian - fehérnemű

Irish - fo-éadaí

Italian - biancheria intima

Maltese - ħwejjeġ ta 'taħt

Norwegian - undertøy

Polish - bielizna

Portuguese - cueca

Russian - нижнее белье

Slovak - spodná bielizeň

Slovenian - spodnje perilo

Spanish - ropa interior

Swedish - underkläder

Japanese - 下着

Korean - 속옷

Vietnamese - Nội y

Turkish - iç çamaşırı

Afrikaans - onderklere

Indonesian - pakaian dalam

Malay - seluar dalam