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Best Ways to Avoid a VPL


Best Way to Avoid a VPL

The difference between G-string, thong and Brazilian


Do you know what a girls worst nightmare is?

No, its not creepy crawlies,

No, its not realizing that that hot dream about Chuck Bass declaring his love for you, was in fact a dream - although, that is always devastating.


Having a visible pantie line, or as my nanna calls it, a VPL.

Yes it is something rational to stress about.

Picture this. Walking around in a hot-as figure-hugging dress, or your super tight slinky jeans and you can see the outline of your granny knickers or worse, your G-string. Eeek!

No need to fear, by the end of this article you will be fully equipped with the knowledge of how to beat the terrors of the dreaded VPL.

There is the perfect G-string or thong (yes ladies and gents there is a difference) for any situation whether it is a tight dress or jeans, or if you are like me and just prefer to wear them.

They come in all difference shapes and sizes and are manufactured for all different occasions making the G-string the number one go-to underwear. Not only are they sexy but also they are super duper comfortable.

For those who don’t know and are too nervous to ask, the difference between the thong, G-string and the Brazilian is the width of the material that goes between the cheeks.

The thong is wider material between the cheeks and sits higher up on the waist.

G-strings are literally a piece of string with only a ‘v’ shaped material at the front to cover the cat.

And last but not least, the cheekini. It is like full brief underwear just a bit narrower and a bit more flattering.

Confusing right. This is why I have decided to create a list of the top 5 best ‘strings’ to wear for all the ventures of life. As there is nothing worse than a VPL.


Number one and my absolute favourite:

For that dress that just reveals everything. The seam-free thong is completely smooth under clothing, thanks to the santoni knit fabric and comfortable firm fit. Perfect for not only the every day, but for those tight dresses and skirts that just show every single lump and bump of the body.


Number two

Mosmann’s bamboo thong ‘Adele’. The viscose and bamboo blend is incredibly soft and comfortable for a long day at uni or in the office. Perfect for jeans, work pants or any bottoms with heavier material.


Number three

Brazilians, Cheekies and Cheekinis are the perfect way to show a little cheek but not give all the goodies away. Ultimate teaser underwear mixed with everyday comfort. Perfect to wear with flowy dresses and skirts because it still feels like you have full coverage. Do not wear under jeans or tight clothing this is VPL sanctuary.


Number four

Ultimate sex bomb underwear that is very spicy, Mosmann’s ‘Madison’ G-string will get anyone’s mouth watering. With a cheeky cut out back, hipster fit and lace design perfect to get down and dirty after a long day at uni or work. This does give subtle VPL, so it should be worn under jeans and loose fitted items.



Number five

The itty-bitty G-string takes things from hot to steamy. Very sexy but should stay as the bedroom activity garment. Definitely not comfortable for long-day wear, but if you have plans after work this is a go to string.