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Men's Underwear


Men's Underwear Styles

What your man’s underwear preference says about him. The difference in male underwear

A lot can be said about a man through his preference in underwear. After all, men like to look incredibly good while feeling outrageously comfortable and confident down under. Its like a second skin and its company can tell us a lot about a person.

1. He is a boxer guy

He is a take it easy kind of guy. He’s happy so long as the job gets done eventually. When you and you’re man wake up on a Monday morning, exhausted after a long weekend of  adventuring, you’re comfortable. You’re not worried about instagramming your latest food fad, you’re living in the moment and not sweating about the little things.

Mens Boxer Shorts

2. A gentleman in briefs

He isn’t the type of man to mess around. Keeping it loose and free in the evening, however, for the rest of the day he is a busy man, he has places to go, people to see and can’t be worried about the notorious nip-slip.

Mens Briefs Green and Blue striped

3. Boxer briefs

Potato, Patato. Why not have the best of both worlds. He is a definite go-with-the-flow sort of guy, he doesn’t mind going for a hike or just lazing by the sea. He has an adventurous spirit but can also get very serious and down to business.

Mens boxer briefs in black colour

4. Man thong / G-string

Giddy up. He is fearless and non-judgemental. He can handle any sort of curveball his bold and avant-garde partner sends his way. Ready to pounce at all times, this man is like a tiger and knows that having a VPL is just plain embarrassing. Whether or not he is a birthday suit man or a year round long-john wearer. This is a nice insight into your mans style and comfort..

Men's Black G-string