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What bikini to wear on your summer holiday

April 12, 2016 2 min read

How different countries wear bikinis

You are in the middle of packing for your summer vay-cay up north – and I mean way up north, out of Australia north - to hold on to the last strands of sun, surf and adventure as the cooling winds blow over to winter.
 You start to feel a little anxious trying to decide which bikini would be appropriate to pack. Like you do you pack your Victoria Secret LBB (little black bikini) with a Brazilian bottom, your full coverage Mosmann floral bikini, or your sea-folly one-piece?

This is a major dilemma and it all depends on where in the world you are going.

Each country has their own unique way of wearing bikinis, as there are different cultural norms of how to flaunt it at the beach. With our new range about to be released, we have chosen 4 countries to give examples of the status quo to guide you for your summer holiday in different parts of the world.

This is a bit obvious but a must to mention. South America, especially Brazil is home of the “Brazilian” cut suit. You won’t have a hard time finding a Brazilian cut or thong-wearing girl in Brazil; it is a part of life. Brazilian women ooze confidence and flaunt their assets in a beachy, sexy way, something all women should do or at least experience. Having a small cut bikini is something every girl should own. Some of the biggest Brazilian swimwear brands are CIA.MARITAMA, Agua Bendita and Poko Pano all of which have collections of booty showing bright bikinis.

The US is a bit of a mixed (bikini) bag. Alike Australia, majority of the US wears full coverage suits, one pieces and tankinis, however cities like Miami, California and Hawaii embrace the beachy lifestyle and with it the bikinis get smaller and smaller.  Some of the largest brands within the US are VITAMIN A, Splendid, VIX, Hurley and ATHENA.

French woman take a very tasteful and fashionable approach to swimwear. They enjoy more conservative suits; high waisted and full coverage bikinis are more popular. The most reputable brand of swimwear in France is ERES.

On the beaches of China you will see mostly full coverage suits and one-pieces. Chinese women are not at the beach to get a tan like the Western world. In fact they will stay shaded most of the time to protect their skin, as being white is considered fashionable and attractive. Some women will go to great measures at the beach, even covering their entire bodies including their faces so to protect themselves from harmful UV rays. Basically the opposite of a country like Brazil.

Crisis averted, phew! Now you can pack with the knowledge of each countries swimmers situation and fit in with the cultural norm.