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Boxer briefs for larger thighs

April 14, 2016 2 min read

Best boxer briefs when size matters

For those who don't like skipping leg days having muscular or bigger thighs can sometimes be a problem when searching for well fitting boxer briefs that won't ride up, strangle blood flow or even burst at the seams. 

Gym fanatics be it for aesthetics or for purpose tend to have different body ratios from the 'norm'. They are lean with 32 - 34 inch waist but have footballers are sprinters thighs. Most boxer briefs in that waist size are designed with a 1/2 leg opening for the 'average' size leg. Going up in size the get a larger 1/2 leg opening will have the adverse effect of having it fit looser around the waist.

Unlike XXL or fuller men with big legs, the waist vs leg ratio is still relatively proportionate. So if you have a 40 - 42 inch waist chances are you will have heavy thighs to match, this is factored in the design of the leg opening and graded accordingly. However we still come in many different shapes and sizes so it's never going to be bang on for every body unless its tailored made to suit you. 

There is a great solution for an amazing fit nearly all of the time. This comes down to the art of underwear making and fabric selection/composition. Our best selling styles are made from Modal and MicroModal mixed with Dupont Lycra (not your standard elastane that most manufacturers use).

Compared to cotton or other synthetic fibres Modal has an incredible amount of stretch. For example if the un-stretched underwear leg opening of cotton and modal are exactly the same, the stretched leg opening for modal vs the cotton is much, much greater. There is also very little resistance when stretching out Modal so it never feels tight.

Modal with the right amount of Lycra® is extremely versatile fitting most bodies like a well cut suit, think of women's stockings how it molds to her every curve. In fact some of the best women's stocking are made from Modal.

These superb stretch and recovery qualities are perfect for those with smaller waists and larger thighs or larger thighs in general because they are far more forgiving yet still hugs in all the right places, its also heavenly soft with a slight sheen compared to cotton. Another handy tip is try to avoid leg bindings, this causes restrictiveness in the leg openings ability to stretch at its full capacity.