Spontaneous Summer Escapades

Spontaneous Summer Escapades

December 01, 2015 3 min read



Are you dreaming of lazy beach days, spontaneous adventures, and sipping cocktails over looking stunning scenery

So do it. Pack your car. And go. Make your dream a reality this summer.

It’s the first day of summer. The words ‘December’ and ‘January’ basically mean spontaneous, sun-kissed getaways. They do call it uni HOLIDAY for a reason. Its break time babes, time to satisfy your wanderlust and your inner cocktail-foodie-adventurer all at the same time. 

37 degrees and I am packing my best friend, pop-up tent and snazzy, yet comfortable Mosmann undies - the three essentials of any road-trip getaway- into Delilah (my car) and hitting the road. 

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