Luxe | Women's

This extra fine fiber makes textiles even lighter. It feels like “skin on skin”. You can hardly feel MicroModal® - it is so pleasant.
MicroModal® is the finest cellulose fiber as the macro shot of the comparison between long staple cotton and MicroModal® shows. Textiles of MicroModal® are, therefore, exceptionally light and regular in terms of the structure. Ten thousand meters of this micro fiber weigh only one single gram. Fineness which you can feel.
MicroModal® offers you perfect fineness. The finest fabrics are as light as a feather and naturally cozy next to the skin. One can feel it best on one’s own skin: a super-soft and luxurious feeling. Products of this micro quality are persuasive in both their handle and fineness. Blends with the finest materials such as silk and cashmere are processed to the very finest and lightest textiles.